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Pointe Shoe Fitting

Russian Pointe retailer since 2013

We offer pointe shoe and ballet shoe fitting for individuals and groups at no cost.

What happens at a fitting?

Our fitter will look at your current/previous pair of worn shoes and your foot anatomy and fit you according to your foot type, foot width, length of toes, arch and profile height. Your fitting will also be based on your dancing needs and pain points (eg. not getting over the box, sinking in, sickling etc). 


Our fitter will explain to you the anatomy and profile of the pointe shoes that you try on, so that you make an informed purchase as a dancer. Our goal is to help you find the right shoes and accessories that suit your dancing needs and alleviate your pain points!


What to bring to a fitting?

  • Current or previous pair of worn pointes, if any 

  • Current or previous pair of toe pads, if any

Shoes we fit dancers in: 

  • Russian Pointe Rubin, Baroque (other models available as special order)


See price list here.

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