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Pre-professional program

Our pre-professional program is for the high-performing young dancer aspiring towards a professional ballet career, and is seeking a dedicated study of classical ballet technique and its other essential elements such as pointe technique, men’s technique, repertoire and conditioning. There are many pathways to professional ballet, and we help students explore possibilities and help build their professional resume.

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Our Pre-professional program aims to prepare young, high-performing dancers for potential ballet careers and for further education in prestigious ballet institutes. Pre-professional ballet training is no small undertaking, and is the most pivotal phase of a young dancer's ballet journey. To thrive in the highly competitive world of ballet, dancers need a specialised system of intensive training, as well as be exposed to a variety of stage experience. 

Our Pre-professional training equips dancers with a strong, Vaganova-based foundation, with targeted and effective training to refine technique and artistry. Our pre-professional dancers compete and perform regularly, experiencing the joy that comes with achieving their goals, and growing a resilient spirit when faced with challenges. 


Pre-professional dancers are required to train with us a minimum of 3 times a week, and training consists of both group and private classes. Group lessons are based on a Vaganova Level 3-4 class (example) and students are expected to keep up with the progress to advance on to the higher levels. 


In private lessons, dancers get to work with Ms. Meiyi one-on-one with specific exercises and feedback to help them train with well-defined goals and make measurable progress. Private coaching also allows time to learn and refine variations for competitions/auditions.

*For the pre-professional dancer who is only able to commit to private classes, please contact us if you'd like to work out an individual training schedule. Read more here.



We accept dancers from ages 9-13.


There are two ways to enrol in our Pre-professional program: 

  • Handpicked from our group classes

  • Attending a placement/audition class 

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