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The Vaganova method is one of the strongest and most influential pedagogies in professional ballet, recognised for its high level of technique and artistry. It is known for helping dancers establish a strong classical foundation, and an effortless poise and grace in their body. Vaganova dancers are characterised most by their clean, virtuosic technique, the suppleness of their upper bodies, and the melodiousness of their movements.

Our programs are based on the 8 levels of the Vaganova method, with clear progression, a comprehensive syllabus and exams. Here at RBA, we believe in every dancer's potential in mastering clean and beautiful technique through the Vaganova method. Through its art and discipline, we help bring out every dancer’s best - in technique, artistry and performance. 

See here to read more about Vaganova and how it differs from other schools of technique. 

Russian Ballet Academy teachers
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Meiyi is the first Singaporean to train at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow, Russia and has also successfully completed all levels of the official Bolshoi Ballet Academy's Teacher Certification Program. Having studied at the Academy directly, Meiyi has the firsthand experience and understanding of its methodology.


Her students range from the recreational to the pre-professional, some of whom had won awards in local and international competitions. In her scope of work, Meiyi has also worked with several rhythmic gymnasts, a result of the complementary nature of Vaganova ballet with RG techniques. 

To retain the purity of Russian style and the finesse of the pedagogy, her classes are not mixed with any other ballet methods, and her training is crafted such that the Vaganova curriculum works across a range of skills and age groups. A significant part of her work also includes helping dancers gain strength and placement so that they stay injury-free and maintain a good physical form. 


Wong Kwang Lin Russian Ballet Academy


Ms Wong Kwang Lin has over 8 years of experience in the Vaganova method, under Ms Meiyi’s instruction, and Diana Conti (UK). She has an innate understanding of artistry and her Vaganova training forms an important core of her movement practice alongside contemporary dance and improvisation. She has an extensive performance experience, having been featured in works such as Dance Constructions by Simone Forti, Cassettes 100 by Jose Maceda, 411: Sun Cell x Kwang - staged at the National Gallery Singapore and the Esplanade. She hopes to grow an awareness and appreciation of the body in her students, with a strong technical foundation and joyful movement.

Maria Alexandrova in Don Quixote.

Principal dancer of Bolshoi Ballet, graduate of Bolshoi Ballet Academy.

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