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The Vaganova method is one of the strongest and most influential pedagogies in professional ballet, recognised for its high level of technique and artistry. It is known for helping dancers establish a strong classical foundation, and an effortless poise and grace in their body. Vaganova dancers are characterised most by their clean, virtuosic technique, the suppleness of their upper bodies, and the melodiousness of their movements.

Here at RBA, we work on every dancer's potential in mastering clean and beautiful technique through the Vaganova method. Through its art and practice, we help bring out every dancer’s best - in technique, artistry and performance. 

See here to read more about Vaganova and how it differs from other schools of technique. 

Russian Ballet Academy teachers
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Meiyi is the first Singaporean to train at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow, Russia and has also successfully completed all levels of the official Bolshoi Ballet Academy's Teacher Certification Program. Using her unique experience of having studied directly at the Academy, Meiyi has developed a successful coaching method that is firmly grounded in the Vaganova pedagogy. The result is that her dancers understand how to work their body effectively and achieve accuracy in their technique. 


Her students range from the recreational to the pre-professional and competitive dancers, among whom some had won awards in Singapore and South Korea. ​Meiyi's coaching method has helped dancers push past their limits and also gain a strong physique so that they stay injury-free.



Ms. Elisya started her ballet training at the age of 3, and went on to pursue ballet and contemporary dance training at the School of the Arts (SOTA), where she graduated with a 7 in IB Dance, the highest possible score. During her time there, Ms. Elisya displayed her choreography skills by creating an original piece for a showcase, as well as participating in a project where she introduced different dance styles to children from a disadvantaged background. 


Ms. Elisya had also trained with Ms. Meiyi, and had participated actively in our recitals, exams with Mr. Guntis Kalnins, and the International Youth Friendship Art Festivals held at the Capitol Theatre. 


Her gentle, adaptive approach aims to support each student in developing a solid foundation through play and practice, while fostering a love for dance.

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