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Adult Ballet 

Our adult ballet lessons are structured based on the syllabus of the Vaganova ballet method. As such, our adult classes are not open level style, and each class and level has a set curriculum. Our adult ballet dancers are also regularly part of our performances and showcases. There is no limit to what you can achieve and experience in your dancing journey. Come and join our community of adult ballet learners and enthusiasts!

Learn the basics of classical ballet in 5 weeks! In this course, you will learn: 


  • Basic ballet technique 

  • Basic ballet barre and center work 

  • Conditioning exercises to help you develop flexibility, strength, posture & poise

Schedule: TBC 


$150.00/5 lessons

Adult Ballet Beginners class

Trial lesson

Please note that the above prerequisites are an estimated benchmark to help you decide on a class. We recommend that all new students do a trial lesson first. If you'd like a class recommendation, email us here or WhatsApp us.

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