Adult Ballet 

The adult ballet community in Singapore is growing, and we want to take our adult ballet dancers seriously. All classes follow a progressive curriculum, with set learning goals at every level, consistent to the Vaganova method. As such, our adult classes are not open level style, and you can expect to learn according to a structured syllabus. 



No ballet experience needed.

The focus is on basic technique, terminology, placement and alignment. The full range of barre work will be taught in the first 8 lessons. Conditioning exercises are also included in every class to help ready the body for technique. Come experience the art and discipline of classical ballet! Register your interest here.

Recommended for dancers are familiar with basic terminology, and/or have prior experience of at least 2 years. At this level, dancers are working to perform most of barre work on demi pointe with ease, and have some proficiency in basic allegro.


Recommended for intermediate and advanced dancers who are able to perform demi pointe work with ease. At this level, dancers are working towards grand tours, and complex beats in allegro. Pointe may be included in class.

Our adult ballet dancers are regularly part of our performances and showcases. There is no limit to what you can achieve and experience in your dancing journey. Come and join our community of adult ballet learners and enthusiasts!

Trial lesson

Our classes are based on both age and ability. If you'd like a class recommendation, email us here or WhatsApp us.