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Group classes

Our group ballet classes are for children aged 5 and up, and each level keeps to the structure of the Vaganova method so that formal ballet technique is taught at an age-appropriate pace, and serves to prepare each student successfully for the next level.

Helping children master foundational technique and excel are the essentials of dance education here at RBA. There is both fun and growth in our ballet training, as students will have ample performance opportunities. Selected dancers may start competing as young as 6, and our students had won Gold awards and received recognition for their excellent technique from international judges. 


Dancing here at Russian Ballet Academy, your child will not only have the distinct qualities of a well-trained dancer, but they will also exude poise, confidence and a true enjoyment of the arts. 

Switching over from RAD and unsure of which class to enrol in? 

Here's a guide to our Vaganova levels!


Pre-ballet is a delightful introduction to the world of ballet designed specifically for young children, aged 5 to 6 years old. This enchanting and age-appropriate class is crafted to foster a love for movement and music in the young dancers. 


5-6 years old (Born 2018-2019)

No experience needed!


Saturdays 3.00-3.45pm (NEW 2024 class) 



$130.00/month (4 lessons)

Exams & Performances

Each year, we partner with Russian ballet schools to have our students assessed by a master teacher. Students will receive certificates with personal feedback and also get a chance to take masterclasses with the guest teachers.

Past examiners:

  • Anastasia Erchov, graduate of Moscow University of Culture and Arts, Pedagogic Studies

  • Evgeny Serdeshov, graduate of Vaganova Ballet Academy, Pedagogical Faculty

  • Guntis Kalnins, graduate of Vaganova Ballet Academy

  • Vladimir Issaev, Artistic Director of Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida

  • Natalia Kremen, Artistic Director of Natalia Kremen Ballet School

A Year at RBA 

Trial lesson

Our classes are based on both age and ability. We welcome students to take a placement class with us first before deciding to join the academy. If you'd like to enquire, email us here or WhatsApp us.

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