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Private Coaching

Through Ms. Meiyi's private coaching, her students have gone on to compete and won awards in competitions, including regional and international ones in Malaysia and South Korea. Having firsthand experience of studying at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in her professional career, her way of teaching the Vaganova method has effectively transformed her dancers' way of training and working their body.


private coaching

Open to ages 9 and up.


A high performing young dancer has a lot on their plate - academics, school activities, extra enrichment lessons necessary to thrive in this highly competitive world - and keeping up with their intensive ballet training. Group lessons often do not work for them because of their existing commitments, and high performing dancers often do not receive specialised attention that will help propel them to the next level. 

What a coach can do to help them is to individualise training programs to their needs, strengths, weaknesses, and even injury history. For a high performing dancer who doesn't have the luxury of time, they need a coach who can provide professional guidance on how to train effectively and develop their skills. This includes giving specific feedback, instructions and exercises to help dancers train with well-defined goals and make measurable progress. 


A coach, however, does more than just give their dancers a strong technical foundation. Difficulties and disappointments are inevitable in the competitive world of ballet, and a dedicated coach will make themselves available and present to encourage their dancers and help them grow in resilience. 

Please email us here​ or WhatsApp us here for slots and rates. 

private coaching

Through Ms. Meiyi's private coaching, you can expect to learn and understand the breakdown of classical ballet technique. Placement and turnout takes the main focus of her coaching, as these are the two pillars of classical ballet technique that cannot be over-emphasised. 

You will learn how to set your body in the right placement, giving you a stable base for your technique to shine through, as well as maximise your turnout, no matter your body type. You will develop a keen eye for detail, and you will learn how to analyse your technique like a professional. 

Please email us here​ or WhatsApp us here for slots and rates. 

*August slots sold out. Waitlist here.


"100% authentic Russian (Bolshoi) technique. Meiyi is an amazing teacher. She is extremely knowledgeable about not just the ‘how’ but also the ‘why’, and makes the training super effective! I’ve been taking private lessons with her for over a year and she has completely transformed my body and technique. Still can’t believe that we have such pure classical Russian training in Singapore!" 

- Andrea Quek

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