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Ballet classes for children: Junior Ballet Program

Our Junior-Youth ballet program is based on the 8 levels of the Vaganova method, with clear progression, a comprehensive syllabus and exams. This program is designed for the student who dances 1-2 times weekly, who pursues ballet as a personal interest but wants a strong training. Here at RBA, we believe every dancer and body type is capable of mastering clean and beautiful technique through the Vaganova method, one of the strongest pedagogies in professional ballet. Through its art and discipline, we help bring out every dancer’s best - in technique, artistry and performance. 

Our Junior-Youth ballet program welcomes students from age 4 and up. Students who wish to pursue professional training should consider joining our Pre-professional program, where training aims to equip dancers with professional level technique and performance/competition opportunities. See here

  • Introduction to classical ballet

  • Physicality: This component prepares the young dancer in their physical development by means of gymnastical exercises.

  • Classical technique: Learning fundamental ballet positions and vocabulary.

  • Learning ballet choreography: Polka, Polonaise, Waltz etc


Saturdays 10-10.45am (Start mid-June)



$300.00/12 lessons (term)

Exams & Performances

Each year, we partner with Russian ballet schools to have our students assessed by a master teacher. Students will receive certificates with personal feedback and also get a chance to take masterclasses with the guest teachers.

Past examiners:

  • Anastasia Erchov, graduate of Moscow University of Culture and Arts, Pedagogic Studies

  • Evgeny Serdeshov, graduate of Vaganova Ballet Academy, Pedagogical Faculty

  • Guntis Kalnins, graduate of Vaganova Ballet Academy

  • Vladimir Issaev, Artistic Director of Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida

  • Natalia Kremen, Artistic Director of Natalia Kremen Ballet School

A Year at RBA 

Trial lesson

Our classes are based on both age and ability. We welcome students to take a placement class with us first before deciding to join the academy. If you'd like to find out which level your child belongs to, email us here or WhatsApp us.

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