Junior-Youth Ballet 

Children are not too young to learn the technicality and artistry of classical ballet. Our classes take on a serious tone, and we train our young dancers in proper technique, placement and clean lines - the core elements of classical ballet. Students don't need a "ballet body" to be able to develop clean technique, because the key thing we teach here is how one should work their body, and how to develop body awareness and an eye for detail. We believe that every student has the ability to grow into a strong and graceful dancer.

Exams & Performances

Each year, we partner with reputable Russian ballet schools abroad to have our students assessed by a master teacher, and gain an exposure and experience under a professional setting. We highly encourage our students to view these exams as a milestone of accomplishment in one's learning journey. Students who take the exams will receive a personalised progress report and certificate.

Additionally, all students are invited to participate in our annual performances, which are one of the other major milestones and highlights in their learning journey. There's nothing quite like performing onstage that bolsters one's confidence and motivation!

Competitions/Auditions for professional schools and companies - by private coaching only.

Trial lesson

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