Junior-Youth Ballet 

Our ballet classes for children and teenagers include exams, performances and opportunities to compete. Each level takes about 1 year to complete, and students who display competency and aptitude will be invited to train under an apprenticeship program with us


We believe that achieving strong technique is not restricted to those who are gifted with physical qualities. When handed the right tools of technique, every dancer and body type can grow into a strong and excellent dancer. The Vaganova curriculum, known for its clean and virtuosic technique, helps them to achieve just that. 


Pre ballet (Age 4-6)

This is a foundational class where children learn classical dance movements, positions, musicality and train up their physicality. They will learn balletic dances (eg. polka, polonaise, marches) and gymnastical exercises set to classical music. This class is a pre-classical technique class.

Level 1 (Age 7-9)


Pre-requisites: 0-1 year of classical technique experience, or an equivalent of RAD Grade 1-2. Emphasis is on placement, posture and developing stability in foundational technique. Gymnastical exercises are still included at this level to help the children grow their flexibility and strength. 

For youths: If you are a teenager wanting to start ballet from the basics, please register your interest here


Level 2 


Pre-requisites: Minimum 2 years of experience, or an equivalent of RAD Grade 3-4. Dancers must be familiar with basic ballet terminology.

Focus is on further strengthening the dancers' foundation and physical abilities, fine-tuning their body placement and developing strong demi pointe technique and executing simple turns. Girls may start pointe work.


Level 3 

Pre-requisites: able to perform most barre exercises on demi pointe, or an equivalent of RAD Grade 5 and up. Here dancers begin to master turning technique and simple beats in allegro for both boys and girls. Girls will further strengthen their foundational pointe technique.

Level 4

Pre-requisites: minimum 2 years of pointe experience for girls. Dancers should be able to perform demi pointe work in the center with ease, and will progress on to master grand tours, and complex beats in allegro.

Exams & Performances

Each year, we partner with reputable Russian ballet schools abroad to have our students assessed by a master teacher. Exams are part of shaping our students' learning journeys and setting milestones for them. Students will receive personalised progress reports and certificates and also get to take masterclasses with the guest teachers.

Past examiners:

  • Anastasia Erchov, graduate of Moscow University of Culture and Arts, Pedagogic Studies

  • Evgeny Serdeshov, graduate of Vaganova Ballet Academy, Pedagogical Faculty

  • Guntis Kalnins, graduate of Vaganova Ballet Academy

  • Vladimir Issaev, Artistic Director of Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida

  • Natalia Kremen, Artistic Director of Natalia Kremen Ballet School

A Year at RBA 

Trial lesson

Our classes are based on both age and ability. We welcome prospective students to take a placement class with us first before deciding to join the academy. If you'd like to find out which level your child belongs to, email us here or WhatsApp us.