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​At RBA, we have a strong focus on both technique and performance in classical ballet. Proper form and alignment is emphasized at every level, which helps students train correctly and build a stable technical foundation. 

Students also experience classical ballet as a performing art by taking part in our dance productions and studio showcases. Performances are where our dancers learn to express themselves through technique and artistry, from the studio to the stage and we have seen many grow in confidence, skills, and appreciation for the performing arts as a result. 

Group and Private classes:

Private classes may be a more efficient way of training for dancers who prefer learning at their own individual level and pace, as opposed to being in a group class, where there usually is a range of abilities. Instead of progressing as a class, the dancer progresses at their own pace, as private lessons are specific to their needs. Private classes are also recommended for dancers who want in-depth training to prepare them for competitions, auditions or pointe. 

In group lessons, dancers get to experience different dynamics from learning alongside and from their peers. We have dancers who take both private and group lessons, and if you would like to find out which type of training suits you/your child best, do drop us an email to find out more!


Junior Level 1-2

Saturdays 10.00-11.00AM

Junior/Youth Level 3

Wednesdays 4.45-6.15PM

Youth Level 1

Fridays 5.15-6.45PM

Junior ballet


For ages 4-6.

Beginning steps in classical ballet. 

No experience needed.

YOUTH ballet

Level 1

For ages 7-9.

 Minimum 1 year of experience, or an equivalent of RAD Grade 1-2.

Level 1-2

Level 2

For ages 9-12.

Minimum 2 years of experience or an equivalent of RAD Grades 3-4.

Level 3-4

For ages 9-12.

Minimum experience equivalent of RAD Grade 4 and up. 

Level 5 & up

By invitation/audition only. For the advanced dancer who is proficient en pointe.

Minimum 1 year of experience, or an equivalent of RAD Grade 1-3.

Minimum experience equivalent of RAD Grade 4 and up.

Level 3

Our Youth classes are open to dancers 13 to 21 years old of all levels. Prior experience in Vaganova ballet is not a pre-requisite to join.