Levels & Prerequisites
Level 1



Minimum 1 year of experience, or an equivalent of RAD Grade 1-2.

Level 2



Minimum 2 years of experience, or an equivalent of RAD Grade 3-4.

Level 3



Have a strong grasp of fundamentasl, or an equivalent of RAD Grade 4 and up.

Level 4



Able to perform demi pointe work with ease, or an equivalent of RAD Grade 6 and up.

Dancers from the age of 7-21 are welcome to join our in Junior-Youth classes. 

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Exams and performances


Our exams are not compulsory, but are highly recommended as a milestone in one's learning journey. Students are assessed by a qualified guest examiner, and they will receive a personalised exam report and certificate.

All dancers are also invited to participate in our annual performances, which we see as one of the other major milestones in our students' learning journey. There's nothing quite like performing onstage that bolsters one's confidence and motivation!

Competitions/Auditions for professional schools and companies - by private coaching only.